The Freedom Race will be partnering with the Durban Green Corridor Youth MTB Programme. The Programme is proud of the MTB Youth Programme that has been established at the eNanda Adventures site at Inanda Dam. At least 4 days per week, a regular group of children meet to grab a bike and get out on the surrounding trails to enjoy the rush of the sport but also the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Not only is the MTB programme offering these children in the Inanda area something positive for them to do after school hours and distracting them from alternative negative influences, it is also building a sense of determination, ambition, pride, commitment and a huge sense of achievement. There are even a number of local riders that show real promise to become competitive riders. The programme leaders are all local people from the community, which helps to really engage the local children.

A portion of each entry fee will be used towards the Green Corridor Youth MTB Programme by supporting them with Bikes , MTB clothing and equipment as well as entries into the Freedom Race.





GO! Durban the Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN), is the single largest transport infrastructure project in South Africa. The project has a “wall to wall” network plan including key strategies, plans and projects integrating specialist and supporting work streams that will unlock the flagship corridors known as C1, C2, C3 and C9 with construction already underway on Corridor C3 (Bridge City, KwaMashu to Pinetown).

The FREEDOM RACE will be partnering with the GO! Durban network to offer the event as a marketing platform for GO! Durban, as well as integrating the GO! Durban initiative into the event from a transportation side.